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Pension Plan Design

After the initial collection of all required data, your pension consultant will analyze and study all the information before providing plan recommendations. You will be provided with a proposal and after review and fine tuning with your consultant, preparation of the plan or plans and benefits will begin.

Plan Installation and Maintenance

Your plan will be prepared according to IRS regulations and all plan documents and company resolutions will be completed. Employee meetings and education will be ongoing as necessary. The process is finalized by company adoption of the plan.

Plan Administration

Plan administration will include all the necessary and required reporting, record keeping and governmental filing. Plan documents will be reviewed and amendments made when required. Client submits employee census and contribution information, pertinent company information and review of all client data is performed. Outstanding issues are resolved. All reporting and documentation are completed. Annual updating of Employer’s plan and trust records, meetings with Employers and Plan Participants and review of plan provisions under new tax laws are done.


Mission Statement

  • To provide personalized, caring client services focused on qualified plan administration
  • To anticipate the needs of clients
  • To recognize the client as our most important asset
  • To provide services which reflect the highest standard of quality in a timely manner
  • To provide services for which the client perceives value
  • To approach client services as a team of technically superior professionals
  • To ensure a healthy, sustained and mutually profitable growth
  • To provide rewards to our staff and owner for their effort, excellence and innovation

Certified Recordkeeper and Administration Firm

The ASPPA Recordkeeper Certification program is a rigorous process that audits and reviews an organization’s practices to determine if it adheres to the standards of practice that are based on the seventeen critical practices that define fiduciary support competencies for the retirement plan industry.

ASPPA developed standards of practice with certification conducted by CEFEX (Center for Fiduciary Excellence) which is an independent global assessment and certification organization. The certification process mirrors the ISO 19011 audit methodology for testing quality management systems. Sanctioned by CEFEX and fi360, this is the only process that strives to obtain the highest level of recordkeeper excellence.

It has also been observed that the Certification “surpasses” a Statement on Auditing Standards Number 70 (SAS 70) since the ASPPA Certification is industry specific. The SAS 70 program lacks a uniform benchmark and fails to define specific fiduciary support practices. Compared to a SAS 70 audit, an ASPPA certification has a great deal more relevancy to plan sponsors in fulfilling their fiduciary duty and offers more robust insight into the recordkeeper’s entire operation.   Comparison Summary. View Certificate

Key features of ASPPA Certification:

  • Qualifies TPAs for industry self-regulated status 
  • Certification standard designed to support fiduciaries 
  • Unites TPAs with investment firms’ requirements 
  • Audit applies uniformly to all TPA business models  Tests corporate governance controls and practices 
  • Tests compliance with SEC and FINRA rules regarding market timing and late day trading 
  • Inspects disclosures and conflicts of interest 
  • Independent committee decides pass/fail 
  • Annual audit required to maintain certification 
  • Audit methodology uses international standard 
  • Audits conducted by accredited fiduciary specialists

Key components of the ASPPA Recordkeeper Certification program include:

  • a defined quality management system useful in selecting recordkeepers
  • clarity of the scope of recordkeepers’ business models
  • independent certification of competency and capability
  • an integrated approach that meshes with current investment advisory and investment manager certifications.

ASPPA’s mark of excellence stamps a recordkeeper with proof of conformity to an independent attestation of

Integrated Payroll Processing

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